Become our business client – European Quality timber products

Become our business client – European Quality timber products

We are happy to cater to private customers, but we are also actively looking for business clients: garden centres, real estate developers, hospitality industry, etc.

Packaging our products in a flat pack form simplifies logistics for both storage and installation

At Astel Garden we have a steady supply of timber products regularly shipped in from our Estonian manufacturing partner.

While this helps us to have a variety of products in stock and a maximum of 16 weeks wait for custom orders for private customers, we are actively looking for wholesale clients that submit bulk orders and also business clients who would like to have customised projects that combine a number of timber products.

Who can benefit from European Quality timber products?

Garden centres and retailers

Interested in offering your clients flat-pack timber products that are convenient to store and deliver? We sell timber sheds, garden rooms, bush shacks, pavilions, carports, sauna cabins, barrel saunas, and hot tubs that are perfect for displaying at your showroom. If you’re interested in placing a bulk order, we can offer great prices!

Real estate developers

Interested in developing a sustainable, eco-friendly real estate project out of timber houses? Or perhaps add value to your development by equipping new households with beautiful timber cabins? We can help you either way. Our product catalogue has a number of timber houses up to two storeys high, that would be perfect for a residential development project. Contact us for more information!

Hospitality industry

Want to extend your camping site or holiday park with some glamping pods? Would you like to have some timber cabins in the bush for renting out? Or maybe wooden hot tubs or barrel saunas at your disposal? If you are in the hospitality industry and looking to add more value to your business with high-quality timber products, we are more than happy to help!

What we have to offer to our business clients?

The products of Astel Garden are produced in Northern Europe. To be more specific, our supplying partner is located in Estonia and has extensive experience in log house manufacturing.

With us clocking up more than 25 years of experience in Australia, and Astel Garden having been continuously producing timber products for over 70 years, you have a house supplier that won’t let you down.

Custom product design: Our catalogue products can be customised by changing the basic design, wall thickness, roof covering material, floorboards, doors, and windows. But what’s most important – for bulk orders we can organise the production of timber products according to our clients’ blueprint to ensure that the products meet their criteria.

High quality: Our manufacturing partner Astel Garden has the FSC certificate for sales and production of garden  buildings, while the process management meets the ISO 9001 standard and all of the timber used for manufacturing is CE-certified.

A wide range of products: Our product catalogue is growing by the day, with new styles and product categories becoming available on a regular basis. Our timber products cover different shapes, sizes, styles, and applications.

Customer support: All concerns and questions are handled by our quick and efficient customer support service. Need assistance or additional information? Get in touch with us!

See how timber products are produced in the factory of Astel Garden

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Need timber log houses, cabins, saunas, garden houses, carports or any other timber log products in high quality and quantity? Contact us – We’ve got you covered!

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