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Office House 44 – a garden office building

Prices starting at $19,861

Product description

The Office House 44 is a light-filled garden office that has two separated rooms and a hallway separating them, which could also be a small and cosy waiting room. It is a great option for families that need two separate office rooms, or to maximise the benefits of a garden building by having a separate garden office and, perhaps, a garden gym in the same building.

High-quality 44 mm-thick logs with four-way corner millings and double tongue and groove good wind and rain resistance. We use only solid, high-quality Nordic spruce in manufacturing of garden buildings.

Delivery and installation

Our garden buildings are constructed off-site at a factory for a quick assembly in your backyard to avoid the disruption and chaos of a traditional building project.

The garden room arrives in the form of a flat pack and is offloaded at the designated area to make the installation for you or our specialist crew quick and efficient. To install your new cabin you will need a firm and level base for it to be assembled on.

* all prices with GST. Local transport not included.

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29.98 m2
Premium windows
44 mm, 70 mm
918 x 402 cm
FSC on request
Nordic spruce / pine (H2 treated)

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