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Double garage and carport 44

Prices starting at $19,938

Product description

Nordic Quality wooden garages for sale in Australia! A double garage with a double carport can have multiple. A sturdy two-vehicle garage with a more-than-adequate carport up front, it can be used to provide shelter for up to four vehicles. The garage can also be used as a spacious workshop, which still provides shelter for two daily drivers at the front under the carport.

The structure itself is manufactured from 44mm squared logs that have been milled to spec in our North European factories. We use CE-certified wood that has been slowly growing in Nordic forests, giving it better levels of resistance against rotting and mould.

A timber garage has a healthy and natural indoor climate. The wooden structure regulates both the temperature and levels of moisture, which is good for the vehicles.

The product comes in an easy-to-assemble flatpack, that has weatherproof packaging and can be safely warehoused.

Delivery and installation

Our garages are constructed off-site at a factory for a quick assembly in your backyard to avoid the disruption and chaos of a traditional building project.

The garden room arrives in the form of a flat pack and is offloaded at the designated area to make the installation for you or our specialist crew quick and efficient. To install your new cabin you will need a firm and level base for it to be assembled on.

* all prices with GST. Local transport not included.

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28,38 m2 + 28,46 m2
44 mm, 70 mm
1065 x 595 cm
FSC on request
Nordic spruce / pine (H2 treated)

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