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Visiting a sauna is one of the best ways to relax your body and soothe your mind after a hard day at work, an exhausting physical exertion or even just a cold winter day. For some people it even has meditative and spiritual qualities. Going to the sauna by yourself or with your friends is time well spent.

Complete Nordic Cabins Pty Ltd is your partner for delivering a relaxing sauna to anywhere on the East Coast of Australia. Our reliable manufacturing partner Astel Garden creates saunas with different capacities, room layouts and sizes.

We provide Nordic quality timber products to both private customers and business clients.

In addition to traditional saunas, we offer hot tubs of different sizes. A wooden hot tub is a favourite of those who love bathing in fresh air regardless of the weather. 

Originating from Japan, where bathing has been a tradition for centuries, it has become a real household item everywhere in the world, especially in Nordic countries.

Be it a party with friends or an evening with the family, a wooden hot tub relaxes the body and eases the mind. So why not have a wooden hot tub from our product range in your backyard?

We have a range of hot tubs from classic wooden tubs to tubs with a plastic trim or a fibreglass lining for maximum durability and ease of maintenance. The tubs are suitable for different climates, are completely leakproof, and heat up in a few hours.

For a shared experience, we provide hot tubs for up to 8 people. The tubs are made of sturdy Nordic spruce or pine and can have an internal or an external wood-burning stove.

A wooden hot tub is a welcoming feature in any backyard, or on terraces anywhere in the world.

Astel Garden creates its saunas and hot tubs from FSC certified timber. Want a sauna or a hot tub that is well-made by Northern European sauna-loving craftsmen? Then Complete Nordic Cabins is your best bet.

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