Garden rooms and cottages with European quality


What is the best solution for creating extra room in a household for storage or a home office? For accommodating guests who would otherwise have to be crammed into your house? Or a place to get away from everyday life and take time out for yourself? Of course, a garden room or cottage!

Complete Nordic Cabins Pty Ltd is the official distributor of Astel Garden timber products on the East Coast of Australia. While our headquarters is located in Sidney, we are also active in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, and sell our products all over the East Coast.  We have a number of models to offer, ranging from simple small houses to bigger garden houses with several rooms and terraces. The garden buildings are supplied by our Estonian manufacturer Astel Garden.

Garden rooms and cottages can be modified to serve different purposes and we are always excited to execute designs proposed by our wholesale and business clients.

Depending on the climate and client preferences we can offer different types of construction materials, finishes, roofing materials, log profiles, windows, doors, and more. The customization options are virtually endless.

Astel Garden has experience in manufacturing any kind of timber log products – from playhouses to multi-storey residential buildings. Types of garden rooms and cottages on offer include:

  • Summer homes
  • Granny flats/retreats
  • Bungalows
  • Timber frame houses
  • Weekend homes
  • Camping homes
  • Home offices

The garden houses are produced by North European craftsmen using the latest technology and a wealth of experience. Only CE certified materials are used to ensure the highest possible quality of the garden rooms and cottages. Astel Garden has FSC certification for sales and production of garden rooms and cottages.

Complete Nordic Cabins combine experience and knowledge of the Australian market with the high-quality products of Astel Garden to provide a complete and customer-oriented service. 

Want to discuss timber log garden rooms an cottages?

We have the best variety and quality of products on the East Coast. Contact us for more information!

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