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Astel Garden Australia PTY LTD is the official distributor of Astel Garden timber products on the West Coast of Australia. We provide Northern European quality timber products to both private customers and business clients.

While we are located in Perth, we are active in all areas of Australia. Astel Garden combines experience and knowledge of the Australian market with the high-quality products to provide a complete and customer-oriented service. 

Astel Garden is not only a distributor of pre-built products. Our aim is to find the perfect timber product for every client and every need. This is made possible by our direct collaboration with the manufacturer. We have a number of different products in stock, but we can also provide customisation options for bulk orders.

In addition to garden rooms and outback cabins, sheds, saunas, and garages, our product line has a variety of lofts and timber houses that can be used as residential bush cabins or summer homes. With different wall profiles and insulation materials available we can easily provide a solution that could become your home.

Interested in Northern European quality timber products? Contact us – we have a timber product for your every desire – big or small.


Astel Garden Australia PTY LTD

Our manufacturing partner is Astel Garden with over 70 years of experience in timber log house manufacturing

The factories of Astel Garden have well over a hundred years of collective experience. Our longest-running venture is our timber log house factory in Rakvere, which has continuously produced milled log houses for over 70 years – making it one of the oldest wooden house factories in North Europe.


We are proud to have this kind of experience in Astel Group because timber is the most sustainable building material available– and we have the knowledge to make it into high-quality products for our clients from around the world.

Under different brand names, we manufacture the whole range of log and timber frame constructions – from garages, carports, saunas, and garden cottages to square log houses, prefabricated wall element houses, and modular buildings for business clients. Having handed the experience of wooden house manufacturing down from generation to generation, we have established excellence which is valued across the globe.


Raul Kinks
CEO of Astel Group

Some of our timber log products are:

  • Cottages
  • Bush shacks
  • Outback Cabins
  • Pavilions
  • Playhouses
  • Garages
  • Carports
  • Sheds
  • Weekend houses
  • Camping houses
  • Log cabins
  • Barrel saunas
  • Hot tubs
  • Prefab wall element houses
  • Gazebos

The main area of expertise of Astel Garden is manufacturing products made of timber, such as garden cottages/studios/retreats, bush shacks, sheds, holiday homes, garages, carports, saunas, bush cabins, etc. At Astel Garden, we import timber products directly from their Estonian factories but have a sufficient stock of timber products available for clients in all parts of Australia.

Astel Garden has over 14 000 m2 of production area in 2 Estonian house factories – they provide a steady supply for our Australian customers.

In addition to buildings themselves, Astel Garden also produces the windows, doors, terraces, stairs, and barriers for our various products.

The whole product range of Astel Garden is available for customers in Australia, with new models arriving and being added to our product catalogue on a regular basis! All in all, the models you see in our catalogue have been sold and delivered to thousands of households around the world. 

Our timber products are exclusively made of slow-growing Nordic spruce and pine because of its durability and high quality. Astel Garden has the FSC certificate for the sales and production of garden cottages. That helps us guarantee you the best quality in Australia!

Interested in timber log products with Nordic quality? Contact Astel Garden today – we have solutions for the needs of both private customers and business clients!

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